My Story

Coming up as I write it!

This is my story. I’ve got it on a timeline of my life, but I won’t be writing it as a timeline. I’ll post the “chapters” as I feel like writing about them.

Table Of Contents

Isolation Updated 2017-05-11

Isolation at school, never fitting in, having no friends, being bullied

Embarrassment My Female Body Caused Me

As a child, I never wanted a period, boobs,bra, and the thought of having a baby terrified me.

I’m A Woman Now!

Getting my period was awful, and at this time, my mental health began to slowly get worse.

But I Look Like a Boy Update 2017/05/11

Short hair, no bra, not shaving, well, that makes you a target.

Teen Years Updated 2012-05-11

Fun with friends, androgyny, and body modification.

Horses Updated 2012-05-11

The only place I’m comfortable

Computer Engineering – Isolation

I was the only female in my class, and that stuck out. I went through with very few friends and was isolated a lot.

Skilled Trades – 4% Women

I started welding, the guys treated me like one of them, I found my calling.

My First Therapist

I suggested to him I thought I was trans, and he agreed, and I set a date to see a doctor about hormones. It never came.

An LGBTQ Clinic

I found an amazing counselor, and met a transcare doctor, who I told I wanted to medically transition. But I didn’t start right away. I had to be 100% sure

Leaving Therapy, Then Reconnecting

I left therapy because of school, but I realized I was dysphoric, so I met with my counselor and she set me up with a new PCP (as mine had left the city) and my PCP set me up with a transcare doctor for hormones. I also need a letter from my psychiatrist in favour of hormones. I am formally diagnosed with gender dysphoria.

Presenting as a Male

My experience presenting as a male before hormones. The dysphoria, misgendering, and the anxiety if I will or won’t be allowed on testosterone (T)

Meeting the Doctor

He is amazing, and loved my psychiatrists letter, wishes all doctors would advocate for their patients like him. He says that I’d be great for T therapy I sign the Informed Consent, and he writes me the prescription for my first shot, to be administered that day. So I get it filled at the pharmacy. Feb 28/2017

The First Shot

The nurse, Jess, knows I want to give myself the shots, so she shows me how, and I am so excited after I leave.

Side Effects

My mood improves, my anxiety lessens, and well, my voice starts to crack.. and I have a libido.

Injecting Myself

After 3 supervised injections, I am given the equipment to do it myself at home. I am on 25mg (25cc) of T.

First Blood Work

Comes back normal, Dr raises the T to 50mg


Changes in my face, my voice, my mental health, etc

….more to come