FTM Positive

Hi, and welcome.

This site is for female to male transgender people of all ages. I also welcome pretty much everyone on the gender spectrum. Everyone is welcome, transitioning or not. Please read the rules below, and then register at the page linked. This site is, and always will be, 100% free. It has features such as a Facebook-like “wall”, forums, groups, a profile, galleries, personal blogs, and more.

None of your information will be used in any way, sold, etc. You do not have to fill out all information asked for, I set that up purposely.


1. Don’t be a jerk. This is a positive space for transgender and questioning or non-binary individuals. Also, this site is moderated and logged.
2. No hate speech, such as transphobic, homophobic, etc, slurs, insults and more.
3. Swearing is allowed, but don’t use it on personal attacks.
4. Personal attacks are not allowed.
5. This is a safe, positive space, try and keep it that way.
6. No triggering others. Keep it positive!

7. There is no right or wrong way to be transgender. We all do it our own way, with different paths leading to different destinations. Pass no judgement.