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Just turned 33. Diagnosed with gender identity disorder and bipolar disorder with rapid cycling around age 10. Nothing was done until I was 16. Being diagnosed with gender dysphoria solved a lot, answered questio s from the past It took years to start HRT, huge decisiin. Not to be made overnight, nit something to "try'. This is no experiment, joke, temporary whatever so you can "feel it'. This changes you in so many ways. I prefer transsexual when I refer to myself as I'm medically transitioning, want top and bottom surgery. I hate going yo the beach or quarry dressed like every dude, but they can remove their tops. Obviously binding 24/7 is not healthy, but the dysphoria hits to see breasts. They don't belong. I saw a therapist since 2011 for sexual orientation/identity issues. He had no clue, so I was lucky to find an incredible health centre for everyone, with fkcus on the LGBTQ community. I was approved for HRT in 2014, a lot came up. Late 14, early 2015 I needed to get back with my LGBTdoc, whom I'd been seeing for 4 years. What an incredible person! She helped me assert myself in using my preferred name and pronouns. Always so positive. I said I was ready to start hormones (testosterone, aka "T") She said it was great, I had expressed desire often, had a diagnosis of gender dysphoria. She asked if she should use "he' and sdt me up with a new PCP PCP (primary care provider, a nurse practitioner, after her, I'd rather have an NP!)

Am I trans?! Part 2

  A simple list of questions and feelings that many can relate to.   Are you asking yourself this question over and over again. (Cisgender people don’t think about their gender constantly. Remember, gender is a spectrum) Feeling like there’s…
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Gender Dysphoria?

What is Gender Dysphoria? Here’s the Wiki explanation, that is pretty hard to understand. I’ll break it down though: Gender dysphoria or gender identity disorder (GID) is the dysphoria (distress) a person experiences as a result of the sex and…
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Definitions and Terms

Gender – denotes the public (and usually legally recognized) lived role as boy or girl, man or woman. Biological factors combined with social and psychological factors contribute to gender development

Gender Expression

Gender presentation or gender expression is one’s outwards appearance, body language, and general behaviour as categorised under the gender binary by society. Common descriptors of gender expression are female, femme, feminine, twink effeminate, androgynous, male, masculine, macho, butch, and so on.

What is Transgender?

Gender identity (ie: being transsexual) cannot be changed, just like how sexual orientation cannot be changed. Treatment with hormone replacement therapy – also called cross-sex hormones
is how many transgender individuals deal with being transgender. However, everyone is different, and many get along without hormones or any type of surgery.

Am I trans?!

Round one Am I really trans? If you’re asking yourself this question, over and over, you probably are. Seriously. You just *feel* it. Something isn’t right. Something is off, something is missing. Something is there that shouldn’t be. You look…
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