T Timeline

Been on T for 7 months now. Let’s go over the timeline.

Started T Feb 28, 2017

Month 1 [ Feb 28-March 28 ]
Not much of a change, but I got a more masculine haircut. My mood started improving, less anxiety, less dysphoria, and I was on 25mg IM/week. My voice started to crack and I felt more self confident, though I sounded like a, well, boy going through puberty. I had been given my first injection, and was monitored for my first 4 injections, then given the supplies to go it alone. My gender therapist discharged me since we were mostly just “hanging out” and I wasn’t distressed anymore, so she said to email or text whenever, and if I needed an appointment, to get ahold of her immediately, but I didn’t need regular sessions.

I felt so much relief, that I was finally changing. I didn’t realize how fast some changes were, how slow others were. My psychiatrist was as excited as I was that I had started hormone therapy!

Month 2 [ March 28 – April 28 ]
My voice was changing more, I was experiencing a bit of growth down there, maybe a bit more hair on my legs, but not much else. I sounded like a had a cold, a raspier voice, and yes, my voice was cracking more often. I didn’t really pass as a male, but I started dressing more masculine and people were noticing a bit of difference. I was still excited. I was giving myself my own injections at this time. My LGBT-doc was excited to hear my progress.

My anxiety had gone down, my moods were swinging less, I was requiring less anxiety medication and feeling more confident. I wasn’t passing much at all, but I was starting to. I was experimenting with my hair more, and having fun with it. I decided I needed to change up the glasses. I was getting really good at giving myself shots.

Month 3  [ April 28 – May 28 ]
My blood work came back normal, so no damage to my liver or anything, actually, my lab results were better than before T! My dose was raised from 25mg a week to 50mg a week, and I was going for blood work every other month and meeting with my doctor every other month as well. I still see my NP, she’s amazing.

My LGBT-doc (gender therapist) was still happy to hear from me, and I sent her a few emails thanking her, and she was very humble, but she has no idea how much she made a difference in my life. My team is amazing.

I was noticing more of a deeper voice, and more hair. More libido. It’s incredible what being on the right hormones is capable of changing your entire state. Birth control made me batshit. I’ll always be schizoaffective, but this solved a big piece of the puzzle.

Month 4 [ May 28 – June 28 ]
Summer has arrived. I’m passing more as a male, experimenting with my hair, and getting even hairier and even having little tiny facial hairs growing in. There is a definite change in my voice. I am nailing the shots like a nurse now. The downfall to summer is wearing a binder. I’m bringing up top surgery ASAP. I am passing more, but haven’t changed my drivers license to an X yet, nor used the men’s facilities. But I have a lot of packers and STP devices.
 Month 5 [ June 28 – July 28 ]
The heat of summer, thankful for air conditioning. Blood work is coming back great, more hair, even a bit of a mustache. More confidence. Passing more. Got called “gentleman” at a job fair. I didn’t get the job because of my size, dammit.My voice is pretty low. A lot went to hell this month, fleas. Evicted my roommate. Moved in with my parents. Came out to my mom (about the testosterone). She didn’t know it was injected and flipped when she found my supply of needles and everything. I showed her the vial. Phew. Lots of hair. I hate being so damn blond, I want my mustache to show.Passing quite well. Oh, my mom found my bag of dicks.
Month 6 [ July 28 – August 28 ]

Thankfully it’s not a hot summer. Six months! I got some Just For Men. Ouch. Chemical burns. Passing quite well. Scared my sister in law when she heard my voice. I sound like my brother, apparently. I came out to her. She thought it was interesting. Was still at my parents. Moved back into my apartment at the end of the month with my kitty, Mittens.

Looking for work. Passing well as a guy. Went to a barber! I had been terrified. Used the men’s room. My voice still cracks.

Just For Men – Chemical Burns


Month 7 [ August 28 – September 28 ]
Hairy, passing, my voice is a bit high, I’m feeling great, the shots are nothing, I’m out to family, people see me as male. Things are going pretty well. My psychiatrist is still glad I’m on HRT, and says I’ve improved.Orgasms are much better.

Now [ October 2017 ]

Things are great. Working on getting a job. I feel great. I am stealth. Here’s a pic from today.




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