It took me years to decide to medically transition, dysphoria is hell, but its better to wait to decide. People are crazed, and there are more and more starting so young, and then regretting it. This is not a small choice. This is your entire life.

I don’t think that the new special snowflake 50+ genders should fall under the “transgender” umbrella. Transgender has been in use for 50 years, and it first meant *urge for gender change* and was coined by Virginia Prince, to separate herself from transsexuals, as she wasn’t physically altering herself.

Essentially it means to trans – cross over – traditional gender roles.

Transsexual seems to be obsolete, but fits better, as I am altering my body with hormones, and eventually surgery. Virginia Prince coined transgender to separate herself, and separate sex and gender. However, it seems as *transsexual* is almost a slur, or kink, or something, these days..

When I began my journey, i had never really heard of “genderfluid”, “non binary”, “agender” and so on. I had heard of “genderfuck” and identified with that a bit, but that was not me.

> I do not use the phrase **I identify as a male** as I am a male, I don’t need to tell you that I identify as one, its redundant. That is me, male. A woman wouldn’t say, “I identify as a woman”. Also, I hate the term “cis”. I won’t use it.

To me, transgender implies transition of some sort. *trans* Transformation, transfer, transform..

But agender? Non binary? Genderfluid? Being called transgender? It doesn’t work. They are of their own. You are agender, or you are non binary, etc.

No, you do not need to medically alter your body to be transgender, some people cannot due to health reasons (hormones beat up your liver, for example), or financial, or they just don’t want to, personal reasons, family and so on, there are a LOT. That’s their choice, I respect it. Some people cannot.

I do want to alter my body. I started, Feb 28, 2017. I went the traditional route, therapy, doctor’s note, informed consent. I’m having great results.

But when I began therapy, 8 years ago, there weren’t 50+ labels for “genders”. I did not call myself transgender until I decided to start transitioning, and I didn’t use male pronouns until then. It took me 8 years to decide to start hormones. I had been diagnosed by at least 3 doctors and a therapist with gender dysphoria to start the hormones, which is the treatment.

Now people order hormones off the internet, people start hormones out of curiosity.. its somewhat permanent, it is your entire life, this is a big decision! Life changing, forever. *Forever*

It wasn’t a craze or a fad 8 years ago.

Now, people make up pronouns and order hormones off the internet.. They identify as a gender, or not a gender, that was made up a few years ago.. People want hormones and think they can pick and choose the effects they’ll have..

Everyone wants to label themself with a new gender identity someone made upon tumblr.. labellabellabel.. Complain that nobody understands they are agender.. That they get misgendered because they weren’t called zip zim or zere..

I want to fit in, as myself, and use my proper pronouns..

The new special snowflakes show up and need a new label.. A new gender.. or no gender. Not realizing that’s normal, to feel differently throughout the day. Not realizing that people kill themselves because of dysphoria… that it will always be there… that we didn’t choose this..

It’s not a fucking game. It’s not fun. Fuck..I hate this new generation.

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