Pride 2017 is a sad day for Toronto

Pride is great. I love how the uniformed officers always support Pride events, because its great they are finally allowed to be open, and march in Pride yearly.

This year, after Toronto Pride, where our PM, Justin Trudeau, marched last year, and had a blast, and made world news for Canada. He looked like he was having the time of his life, hugging, high fiving, and getting squirted by water guns (that made his pink unbuttoned blouse see through! The ladies, and men, enjoyed that!_ waving flags.

This PM has done more for the LGBT people of Canada in so little time, its amazing. The rest of the stuff he’s done.. so-so, but now we have protection, and better care, medical, at jobs, and so much more.

So, Black Lives Matter, a political group, interrupted this amazing celebration to protest, and make demands out of the organizers. They said, we don’t want police officers in the parade, all they do is kill us, beat us, oppress us. They held it up for hours.

No one appointed Black Lives Matter (BLM) to act as spokesperson for the entire black community

This pisses me off. This is Canada, very few people are killed by officers, that I can recall in the past while. Also, they are not an LGBT or pride group. They are a political group based on race, and they almost ruined that celebration, that people LGBT and all sorts of supporters come to see, celebrate, and bring in funding to help out the LGBT community. They are helping people that are LGBT, because look at statistics (especially in the US) of how many people that are LGBT, get unfairly, even violently assaulted, or even killed, but officers.

I support LGBT protection at PRIDE.

Yes, LGBT Pride is political, standing up for our rights, fighting for many years… but BLM can just march in the parade, without their bullshit, and let the officers show their pride too.

LGBT is a community. We WANT law enforcement to treat us just as they’d treat anyone else. How is that bad? Fuck them telling me to shut up because I’m white. I didn’t take from them (and most are just above being teenagers, I’m sure these past 20-30 years have been horrid for them!

It wasn’t like this when I was 20 years old. People tried to interact, to help each other. I never got told to shut the fuck up because the world was on my site, because I was born with white skin. We treated each other with respect, and didn’t give a fuck about race. What the hell happened!?

How is everyone so oppressed with so many losses of rights lately? I see people screaming and yelling about oppression, and not allowing peopl e to reply, as those people are “too privileged! You don’t know what I went through!”

I’ve never supported BLM after that shit. People need to find something to do instead of playing the victim and insisting that everyone else is against them.

I bust my ass as a white person, I can’t help it, and why should I beat myself up for being white? Am I supposed to hate myself for skin colour? I’ve had to get what I have on my own.

So, thanks, BLM, for fucking up Pride, and being just plain assholes. What are you doing to make Canada better? Those officers can be killed any day. You protest an event and bitched your way into the event, by threatening and manipulation, to get rid of a group of people that are representing that they aren’t oppressed anymore. They bring in money, and help out.

My experience with police officers was a traffic ticket, and getting pulled over. When i testified in court, those officers got a sick fuck (sexual predator) off the streets and saved many women from going through what I had to. Yes, they’re fucking terrible people, and want to kill all black people, for what goddamn reason?

They also do hurt and kill white men. You just don’t hear about it.

Fuck your snowflake and stop whining to get your own goddamn way. Your political group doesn’t belong in Pride, march with everyone else, and Pride isn’t about bitching about how you have so few rights.

I’m ranting. If you want to call me a racist, then fucking call me one, but you’re forgetting I’m white, so I’m already a racist.

If you really wanted to help, you’d shut up, stop being bitches, and making demands. Go get a job, go volunteer somewhere, get a job and contribute.

I’ve worked with many people of different races./colours They did the same job, made the same wages (if they were there longer, they made more), they were protected by the same Union and had the same qualifications we all had to test, and we all passed.

Fuck this oppression shit. Stop being a victim. Do something, get a shrink or whatever.



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