My Story – Freedom Riding Horses

Freedom Riding Horses

Coming Soon – Enjoy some pictures!


Dallas Jewel and I, cantering around the ring. I’m about 16, and he’s 7 in this pic. He could be a brat, but he’s my favourite pony. He’s now retired and I’ve ridden some of his offspring

We had “Extreme Trail” night, which is going over obstacles and different things you would encounter on a difficult trail. It’s fun! The horse is Sully, who got me back into riding again. He’s retired now, he couldn’t do the work I did, but he has a lovely new home and is spoiled rotten, and we can visit him.

This is Ayla, a beautiful paint pony I leased. She was so bad at first, she would buck, she wouldn’t listen, but after a few months we were jumping, I was riding her bareback (no saddle) everywhere. She was a great pony. Her owner didn’t like me jumping her, even though you can see she loves it. So I ended the lease. There was a lot of drama. I miss Ayla. Then my coach offered me Sully, and we had our first show 4 weeks later!

Sterling and our 3rd place ribbon in “Trot the Poles”. He was nervous and we wanted to get him used to showing again. He was very good, and calm. Sometimes he’ll throw a temper tantrum. It was funny because he’s almost 17hh, and I’m 5’3, so everyone was staring at the “giant horse”. He’s such a sweet horse.

Sully and I at our first show together! It is over 100 F that day. We were in the Hack division because I hadn’t done as much jumping as I felt comfortable with to enter the Hunter over Fences classes. We didn’t get any ribbons, the class was huge, over 20 riders, and he was a star. My coach was so happy I made it through all 3 classes without any mishaps or falls, or other riders getting in my way. She didn’t care that I didn’t win, she was excited because I rode well. It was a fun show, and my first “big” show since my accident in 2011.

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