Am I trans?! Part 2


A simple list of questions and feelings that many can relate to.


Are you asking yourself this question over and over again. (Cisgender people don’t think about their gender constantly. Remember, gender is a spectrum)

  • Feeling like there’s something gnawing at you, that you can’t express or don’t really understand. (Fear of expressing the person you really are)
  • Feeling like you were born with a secret that’s repressed (if other’s find out they will reject me)
  • Intense and persistent feeling that your body doesn’t match the assigned-at-birth gender (This can hit you pretty hard. I’ve spent a long time looking to present male and sometimes am never satisfied)
  • Discomfort in your current gender role (do you feel like a fake or a fraud?)
  • Does it bother you when people use your female name and pronouns?

“You don’t necessarily have to have a very specific idea of what it means to be transgender.”

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